WannaCry Again???

Cyber Attacks like Ransomware Virus:

The digital revolution has many rewards, but rolling cyber attacks show up its flip side.The clear example of it is Ransomware virus.

What is Ransomware virus?

Ransomwar virus became Popular Nowadays .Microsoft Based Operating Systems are main target of this virus. Ransomware Virus is dependent on internet. This virus locks internal files or personal data of the computer.after that user is not able to open the file or information. To Unlock the personal computer. they Ransom for money to the user in the form of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

One month ago, there is a virus spread around the worlds and which name was “WannaCry” or “Ransomware”. This virus usually lock the personal data of the computer and then they demand money in the form of ‘bit coin’. Around 150 countries affected by this particular virus and it is very dangerous. So, this time some of the experts have said that This this virus will not only lock the access of the personal data, but it is able to care to it also. So, that our personal computer should have high security to avoid this kind of attack.

fear of Rensomware virus
Ransomware virus

Nowadays terrorism is also one of the biggest problems which are spread online. Internet of things (IOT) is also welcome this ‘Ransomware ‘ in the world of technology. So today’s transition carries dangers. Perfect security is not available in the world. But the right and international protocols can make minimization of risk. So Government of India should take action in this direction to build high Cyber Security and protection for Indians.Not only Government but also people have to be aware of it.


Today, Security is the main factor in all of the field.This is time of internet. All of the Activity are being online. From transaction of money to Conversion with one onether is being online.Now people uses banking with their own Smart object.so security is the first need of it.


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