End Privileges : Misuse of extraordinary power

Karnataka speaker moving to jail journalists is a clear misuse of extraordinary powers.

This Article is about the Indian political reality. In Karnataka, two journalists Ravi Belagree, Editor of ‘Hi Bangalore’ and Anil Raj, Editor of ‘Keilah Naka Voice’, has written defamatory articles against three legislation. So in a response of that speaker of the legislative assembly, ‘KB Koliwad’ has authorized punishment of one-year imprisonment and 10,000 fine.

end privilege : About Misuse Of Power

After that, the court has also told the speaker to reconsider the arrest order and find an acceptable solution for it. So he used the extraordinary any power to granting to him in some particular type of situation, but used that function at his time and result of that became punishment for the two journalists.

After that Bangalore had written an article against him when he becomes the chairman of the privilege committee in 2015-16. So if the article is actually defamatory in nature then they also have to use the judiciary and law, but they used a special power to give him. So Indian government should take an action in this direction and make an end of this powers that enable them to become judge, jury, and Executioner.

Indian Political Reality


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