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Communist Party India (CPI-M)

Again Indiagossip is presenting new Political party which is from Tripura (West-Bengal). Here we have described all brief detail about It. Communist party India (CPI-M) is one of the political party among many parties. So it became the popular party of India.

Communist party India (CPI-M)Origin & Brief History

Overall The Communist party India (CPI-M) emerged from the Communist Party Of India (CPI) in 1964.

During the 1962 war with China, a faction of the Indian Communists backed the position of the Indian government, while other sections of the party claimed that it was a conflict between a socialist and a capitalist state. After that The basis of the difference in opinion between the two factions in CPI was ideological & the difference in opinion was also a reflection of a similar difference at international level on ideology between the Soviet and Chinese parties. The alleged “Right Wing” inside the party followed the Soviet part and put forward the idea of joining hands with the then ruling Indian National Congress (INC).


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Whereas, the faction of CPI which later became CPI (Marxist), referred this as a revisionist approach to class collaboration.So It was this ideological difference which later intensified, coupled with the Soviet-Chienes split at the international level and ultimately gave birth to Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)).

Simply put, the CPI(M) can be called the Pro-China faction & the CPI as the Pro-Russia faction.

During the Kerala Legislative Assembly elections of 1965, the party has adopted the name “Communist Party of India (Marxist)” to obtain its election symbol from the Election Commission of India.

Additionally, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tripura is main strength of  Communist party India (CPI-M)

Target Constitutions

Workers, Peasants, underprivileged classes, trade unionists.

Key Persons

First General-Secretary of the Party – P. Sundarayya

Prominent Past members – Harkishen Singh Surjeet, Jyoti Basu, etc.

Secretary-General – Prakash Karat

Leader in Lok Sabha – Basudev Acharia

Leader in Rajya Sabha – Sitaram Yechury

Prominents Current Leaders – S. Ramachandran Pilai, Buddadeb Bhattacharya, Manik Sarkar (Tripura CM), Biman Bose, Brinda Karat, etc.

Main Ideological Thrust

The political position is Left-wing, Ideology is communism & Marxism-Leninism.

The Party is well known for its Anti-globalization and Anti-capitalism stance.

Major Electoral Achievements (Centre & States)

in the West Bengal elections in 1969, the CPI (M) contested 97 seats and won 80 to become the largest in the West Bengal legislative.

Moreover, In the Kerala Assembly elections of 1970, they contested 73 seats and won 29.

So In the 1977 West Bengal Assembly elections, the Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s Jyoti Basu become the Chief Minister of West Bengal and the office he held continuously until his retirement in 2000. After that, The CPI (M) held the majority in the West Bengal government continuously 1977 to 2011.

Similarly, Got5.66% of votes polled in 2004 Lok Sabha elections (43 MPs). Won 42.31% on an average in the 69 seats it contested.

Moreover, In 2009 parliamentary election their number of MPs became 16. This reduced to 9 seats in 2014 elections.

In West Bengal & Tripura it participates in the Left Front. In Kerala, the party is part of the Left Democratic Front. After that, In Tamil Nadu, it was part of the ruling Democratic Progressive Alliance led by the DMK. However, it has since withdrawn support.

In the latest Tripura elections, it bagged out 49 out of 60 seats.

Current State Governments/Opposition

Communist Party of India (Marxist) heads the state governments in Tripura, Manik Sarkar is the CM. In Tripura, the party of its own in the state assemblies, but governs together with left Front partners.


CPI Party HQ –  Gole Market, New Delhi, India

Party Newspaper – People’s Democracy

Party Wings
  • Student Wing – Students Federation of India
  • Youth Wing – Democratic Youth Federation of India
  • Women’s wing – All India Democratic Women’s Association
  • Labour wing – Centre of Indian Trade Unions
  • Peasant’s wing – All India Kishan Sabha

 Communist party India (CPI-M) is officially known as Bharat ki Kamyunist Party Maxrxvai in Hindi. but it is often known as Marxvasi Kamunist Party in press and media circles.So The name though has a very interesting story to tell. During its initial years after the split, the party was often referred by different names such as “Left Communist Party” or “Communist Party of India (left)“. After that, The party has used the name “Left” because CPI people were dubbed as the rightist in nature for their support to Congress-Nehru regime. adopted the name

The party has adopted the name “Communist Party of India (Marxist)” in 1965 to obtain its election symbol from the Election Communist of India.

The Naxal movement in India has its roots in the 1967 peasant uprising in Naxibari, in northern West Bengal, led by hardline district-level Communist party India (CPI-M) leaders Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal.


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