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Important Instructions For Parents & Guardians

Recently in puducherry ,the women who is working in KYC department of nationalize bank left her home at around 4:00 am on sun day and went to the Gandhi Thidal on the beach Promenade. she is just 21 year old and she was affected by a Blue whale  game. Actually her friend gave some tips about her to the  sub police Inspector. A team led by Senior Superintendent of Police (Headquarters) Apoorva Gupta went to the woman’s house and counselled her. Director-General of Police S.K. Gautam reported that the woman, with injuries on her wrist, behaved abnormally after she began playing the game. She was on the watch of sub inspector and they also alerted to her family to make a close watch on her.

The Blue Whale game India Gossip

After enquiry they have reported that women had initially refused to give the personal information to them but after that she was Agreed on it. And they also reported that she make some conversion with the Russian on the Skype, but she has no idea about the who was that. Many scratch was found on her wrest and people told that she was locked herself in the room and she was so curious about it and some time she went to the roof of the house and sit there for odd number of hours. They also found a paper from her room in which she had written to make 10 cuts in three days. After all of this no one know about the reality of the blue whale game and what is it?

What is blue whale game?

Actually blue whale game is internet based game and it is found in many country. In this game there is some task which is given to the user by administration group and they provide them tasks within 50 days gap. And found that final task is suicide .blue whale was found first in the Russia in 2013. One of the psychology student who is  was expelled out claimed that he had invented that. It is also known as “suicide game “.

How it became popular?

Blue whale game is a broader issue now a days and become popular. Some of the Russian reporter has linked some of the suicide with this game and claimed that this suicide is the final task of the game and also reported that they make pressure on the victim to do that kind of stuff. Now a days this game is found in many country like Russia,China,Brazil,Chile,China,Colombia,Georgia,Italy,Kenya,Paraguay,Portugal,Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, United States.All this country mention above are influenced by this blue whale media had take big intrest in this matter and made it very huge.they have connected some of the suciede with this type of phenomena.

Influence on peoples

We are in 21st century. This is the time of internet. This is time of  internet and  anyone can afford it easily. There is no doubt that most of the people have their own smartphone. Technology has more disadvantage than advantage.Blue Whale game is the best example of it. So suggestion to the people is that there is no need to worry about it. Just calm.

We found that this is one type of rumore. It is currently wasting time of all teenagers and parents. so stop trying to find this game on internet and, stop wasting your precious time and keep visiting our site for daily .

Warning to all teenagers and parents to stay away from this kind of rumor.



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